Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hofman Dujardin's Apartment

Project by: Hofman Dujardin
Localisation: Amsterdam / Netherlands

Description: Hofman Dujardin is an architecture studio from the Netherlands with an impressive and truly charming portfolio. For today we decided to showcase a special project of theirs, this beautiful and modern 100 square meter apartment located in Amsterdam. Here is some information from the designers: “This project is a standard apartment transformed into a luxurious and spacious apartment with a spectacular panorama of the city. The glass extension is designed according to the rhythm of the existing facade. The newly decorated living room, kitchen and terraces are stylishly connected. The lower kitchen area including bathroom and bedroom are equipped with a dark ceramic tile. In the upper living room and study is a parquet floor. The black floors form a strong contrast with the light walls and white furniture.” We were fascinated by the vertical fireplace, which adds a feeling of warmth to this minimalist contemporary crib and by the amazing terrace.

Click on images to get bigger view.


  1. imagine the upkeep to keep her nice and pearly looking?

  2. haha I would hire someone to keep it tidy :D I'm to fuken lazy

  3. I'm applying for uni in the netherlands..

  4. @Wafflehaus Kewl. But living in netherlands means that you have to speak dutch a bit. At least that's what I heard.

  5. I always wondered about modeling in that part of the world, always so elegant. Following!

  6. Blindingly clean and white! Would be difficult to keep it that way though.